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Brakes, Brake Repairs, Quaility Brake Jobs, Kelowna BC


Brakes are an extremely critical part of your vehicle. Brakes should be checked every 12 months or if your experiencing any irregularities such as grabbing, pulling, soft pedal, pedal vibration, or noise you should have the brakes checked out promptly.

Brake repairs are required when the brake linings are worn below the minimum acceptable levels determined by the vehicle manufacturer or regulation set by governing bodies. Don't delay your next brake job, it can save you money.

Brakes, Brake Repairs, Quaility Brake Jobs, Kelowna BC

The only true way to determine whether new Brake components are required is to have your vehicle inspected. At Precision Brake & Muffler the  brake inspection will include your disc brake pads, rotors, caliper, drum brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake lines, and check your system for leaks and other problems before you're provided with a competitive quote.

To give your car the performance boost it needs Precision Brake & Muffler uses premium Raybestos brake parts to reduce noise, longer life, and better braking ability to assure safe and consistent stopping.