Monroe Shocks, Struts and Suspension components.

Monroe has been in the suspension business successfully for more than 80 years. Monroe supplies a large variety of shocks, struts and other suspension components, that are made with quality materials. Today Monroe is the most innovative development team in ride control technology that has become an industry standard across America. One of Monroe's innovations includes the reflex technology that has velocity sensitive damping to address the kind of handling that the customer requires. Monroe is the only company that combines true precision handling for a more comfortable safer ride.

Monroe Suspension KelownaMonroe Sensa-Trac Shocks
Monroe Sensa-Trac shock and struts has been a dedicated product to quality ride control for drivers who want superior comfort and control for nearly a decade. The Sensa-Trac shocks and struts knows when to give you a smooth ride or when to firm up for superior handling, it does this by using a technology that features precision tapered grooves that allow fluid to flow freely around the fluon banded piston, creating a smooth ride under the wide range of driving conditions. During quick maneuvers or braking, the piston travels beyond the grooves firming up the ride for added safety and control when it is needed most.

Monroe Reflex Shocks
Monroe Reflex shocks and struts offer maximum safety through greater stability and control without the sacrifice of comfort. These shocks are great because they use Monroe's impact sensor technology an innovative valving technique used by Monroe. The ability to sense acceleration, the base valve will sense a bump in the road and automatically adjust the shock to absorb the impact, to improve overall ride characteristics of the vehicle. The full displaced valving extends the range of motion on both compression and extension cycles of the shock for a smooth comfortable ride.

Monro-Matic Plus Shocks
Monro-Matic Plus shock and struts offers an improved ride due to its nitrogen gas charged that features velocity sensitive damping with the use of all weather fluid. Monro-Matic Plus offers passenger cars improved comfort at an economical price.