Q. What are the signs of a bad or a failing muffler?

In order to reduce the sound from the engine, a muffler goes through a lot of heat and pressure. As a result, the metal can start to rust, crack, or develop holes. Signs of a bad or failing muffler are:
• The engine starts misfiring: Modern day engines perform best when the entire exhaust system is fault free. Any issues with the muffler can cause the engine to run rough.
• The fuel economy of the vehicle starts dropping significantly.
• The car sounds louder: Since a muffler’s main purpose is to reduce the sound, any issues with it can cause the car to sound a lot louder. However, the sudden increase in
loudness can also be due to exhaust leaks.
• The vehicle starts smelling bad: A muffler helps funnel gases from the engine. If there is a leak or hole in the muffler, fumes can enter the car. This is extremely dangerous
as this exhaust fumes and gases can be fatal. If you smell foul or acrid odors in your vehicle, get an inspection right away.