Custom Exhaust KelownaMotorists who know the importance of custom exhaust systems will find the high quality, full service they need at Precision Brake & Muffler. Whether it is a dual exhaust or a factory stock system, Precision uses state of the art equipment to specialize in all custom exhaust systems.

Precision Brake & Muffler welcomes all makes and models including Classic cars, Modern Sport Imports and RV's. The shop is equipped with the latest bending and exhaust equipment. Tom will provide the solution to your toughest exhaust requirements.

For the motor sport enthusiastic Tom also provides numerous specialty exhaust modifications like the H and X pipe crossovers. The H and X pipe add low and mid range power to your vehicle and also gives you better throttle response. Another advantage is that it makes the vehicle significantly quieter resulting in a mellower, less raspy tone. The idea behind this concept is to smooth out uneven exhaust pulses from the engine's firing order, resulting in the improved performance.

The common H style crossover is better at balancing sound pulses between the two halves, but does little to improve scavenging itself, because the exhaust gases tend to follow the path of least Kelowna Custom Exhaustresistance. In this case they would flow straight through each pipe rather than taking the 90-degree turn through the H pipe into the other half of the system. The H pipe crossover is still very acceptable and performs better than the standard dual exhaust.

The X pipe is superior to the H pipe setup, because in this system the gasses and have no choice but to intermingle as they pass through the junction. This promotes the scavenging effects by equalizing the pulses from the motor. Although the X pipe is the better performer, the geometry of X pipe makes it difficult to install into some vehicles. In conclusion a result of more torque, better throttle response and improved fuel economy.