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Brakes are an extremely critical part of your vehicle. Your safety depends on the performance of your brakes. Brakes should be checked every 12 months or when you’re experiencing any irregularities such as grabbing, pulling, soft pedal, pedal vibration, or noise.

From disc brake pads to drum brake shoes, rotors to calipers and brake fluids to brake lines, the technicians at Precision Brakes and Mufflers know their cars bumper to bumper. Our team of experts is highly experienced with all kinds of vehicles and ready to replace or repair those brakes for you!

At Precision Brake and Mufflers, we offer brake inspections that include disc brake pads, rotors, caliper, drum brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake lines and system checkups to ensure there’s no leakage. Our price quotes are competitive and completely based on the inspection results.

We carry all the trusted brake brands like Raybestos, AC Delco, Napa. Contact us today to find out which brand will best fit your needs or to book an inspection!



Brake Repair

Brake repairs save you money and keep you safe. Over time, brake linings wear below minimum acceptable levels. Repairs shouldn’t be delayed, as brakes are one of the most critical systems of your vehicle.

• Some signs that your vehicle needs brake repairs:
• Squealing, squeaking or grinding noises
• Brake lights remain on
• Vibration, wobbling or scraping
• Drifting during braking

The only sure way to determine whether you need brake repairs is with a vehicle inspection. A professional inspection includes disc brake pads, rotors, caliper, drum brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and brake lines. We also check your system for leaks and other problems.

Contact us today to schedule a brake inspection.


Brakes FAQs

How often do car brakes need to be replaced?

Usually, most brake pads need to be replaced after 60,000 – 80,000 kilometers. Some brake pads can last more than 100,000 kms, whereas some can break down before 50,000 kms. This depends on various factors such as brand and quality of the brakes, materials used in the brakes, and usage.

When do I need to get my brakes checked?

We recommend getting your car brakes checked every 12 months, as your safety depends on it. However, it is essential that you get your car brakes examined by a professional mechanic if you hear squeaking or squealing noises every time you apply the brakes. Some other tell-tale signs of brake issues include soft pedal, pedal vibration, and pulling. Contact our team if you experience any danger signs or difficulty braking.

Why do the brakes make a squeaking, squealing or grinding noise?

In most cases, the car brakes tend to make the grinding noise due to contact of the rotor disc with part of the caliper. This usually happens when the brake pads or rotors are extremely worn out. Another reason for the grinding noise can be a foreign object (stones, rocks, etc.) getting stuck somewhere in the calipers.

Brakes can also squeal when rotors rust or there’s high metal content in the brake pads (which is usually a concern in cheaper quality brake pads).

We recommend getting a brake inspection as soon as you notice squeaking or grinding noises.