Suspension Maintenance

One of the most overlooked aspects of a vehicle’s performance is the suspension. Whether you are a veteran car buff or a person who rarely peeks under your car’s hood, it’s a good idea to be reminded about suspension maintenance.

The car’s suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride even when you’re on a bumpy road. Another important job of the suspension is to keep all tires in contact with the road, so that steering, driving and braking systems work efficient.


Automotive suspension

Suspension Repair

Signs that the vehicle suspension has worn out or is defected:

• Increased vibrations from the steering wheel or gas pedal
• “Nose dives” or dips when braking hard.
• Bouncy ride
• Noticeable tire shaking or vibration after hitting a bump
• Suspension bottoming on rough roads
• Uneven tire treads

We provide suspension inspection and maintenance services. A well maintained suspension directly improves traction, control, and comfort. Contact us today for a suspension appointment.


Orange automotive suspension that has been installed

Suspension FAQs

How much does a car suspension cost?

The cost of fixing or replacing suspension varies with the type of vehicle and performance needs. Some factors that affect price include:
• Make, model and year of the car: In general, suspension repairs for big sedans, performance SUVs and luxury cars costs more than for smaller vehicles.
• Extent of damages and the parts that need to be replaced. Most suspension parts need to be replaced in pairs to keep the vehicle balanced.
• Brand of the suspension parts being used

Q. How do I know if my suspension is damaged?

Generally, a damaged suspension results in:
• A rough, bumpy or bouncy ride.
• Drifting on the road
• Uneven tire treads or bald spots on tires
• Vehicle “nose diving” or dipping sharply when the brakes are applied.
• If the shocks on the suspension look greasy or really oily, there’s a high possibility that there’s a leak in the suspension.
If you observe any of the above mentioned signals in your car, contact us to get your suspension inspected. It’s advisable to get the suspension fixed as soon as you notice the signs, as delayed repairs can be costly.