Flo-Pro is a leader in high quality performance exhausts that has proven to beat its competition. Flo-Pro performance mufflers are designed to boost the horsepower generated from your vehicle due to the louvered core design that accelerates exhaust flow. The 100% aluminized steel welded muffler construction gives you deep performance and sound without the use of fiberglass.

Flo-Pro Mufflers

The Flo-Pro muffler has proven itself to beat the competition with a louvered pipe design, which accelerates the exhaust flow through the muffler. The louvers also give you a deep performance sound without the use of fiberglass that eventually blows out. The Flo-Pro mufflers are also designed to boost the horsepower generated from your vehicle.

Twister Race Mufflers

Flo-Pro Twister race mufflers provides you with the excellent performance, noise reduction, fit and affordability all in one package. This muffler uses a dual channel design, with one channel spiraling around the other, therefore creating a vacuum effect that accelerates the exhaust gasses and minimizes turbulence. The race muffler does not use any fiberglass and will also fit in tight places with ease due to its compact design.

Red Line Performance Mufflers

Red Line high performance mufflers are built out of aluminized materials for long life. Their interior design includes an increased number of smaller holes that eliminates fiberglass blowout it also uses extra long strands of fiberglass in combination with stainless steel wool that adds additional sound absorption and resists meltdown and matting. The straight through perforated core gives this muffler the performance

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