High Quality Custom Exhaust Systems

Motorists who know the importance of custom exhaust systems will find the high quality, full service they need at Precision Brake & Muffler. Whether it is a dual exhaust or a factory stock system, Precision uses state of the art equipment to specialize in all custom exhaust systems.

Precision Brake & Muffler welcomes all makes and models including Classic cars, Modern Sport Imports and RV’s. The shop is equipped with the latest bending and exhaust equipment. Tom will provide the solution to your toughest exhaust requirements.


Various custom exhaust systems

Exhaust Modifications

For the motor sport enthusiastic Tom also provides numerous specialty exhaust modifications like the H and X pipe crossovers. The H and X pipe add low and mid range power to your vehicle and also gives you better throttle response. Another advantage is that it makes the vehicle significantly quieter resulting in a mellower, less raspy tone.

H style crossover

• Better at balancing sound pulses between the two halves

• Does little to improve scavenging itself

• Very acceptable and performs better than the standard dual exhaust

X style crossover

• Superior to the H pipe setup

• Does improve scavenging

• Gasses have no choice but to intermingle as they pass through the
junction which promotes scavenging effects

• Better throttle response and improved fuel economy


Dual tip custom exhausts on red car

High Performance Exhaust

A high performance exhaust system allows for quicker, more efficient exhaust escape. Your engine breathes better and allows for faster release of spent fuel and air. This quick exhaust release allows your vehicle’s engine to generate more power.

High performance mufflers & exhaust systems let you customize the sound of your engine as well as fine-tune your vehicle performance. With the right custom muffler, you’ll get an idle that’s only slightly louder than stock exhaust, but a perfect deep growl during acceleration.

Racing Exhaust

Racing cars need to be fast and light, which is why racers prefer titanium or inconel alloy mufflers. These materials are lightweight and can sustain higher temperatures. Racing exhausts are often custom made to meet the demands of a high performance vehicle.

Pro tip: Racing exhausts can be really loud! Use multi-channel mufflers to fine-tune your sound and stay within noise bylaws.

Dual Exhaust

The main purpose of a dual exhaust system is to get the leftover air out of the cylinders faster so that the next exchange can start quicker. The more air you can get out, the more your engine can draw in, which results in more horsepower.

If you have a turbo-charged four cylinder or V6, a dual exhaust boosts horsepower due to the increased air and fuel forced into the engine. Since the vehicle becomes more efficient, you could start seeing an improvement in fuel efficiency as well. Not to mention a nice set of properly installed dual exhausts customizes your vehicle’s appearance.

We have over 20 years’ experience installing custom exhausts. Make an appointment today for a free inspection and recommendation on custom exhausts for your vehicle.


Dual tip custom exhaust on blue car